Friday, February 5, 2010

I Don't Care If You're A Shill

"Why won't any of these guys touch September Clues?" - Youtube user WearechangeN

For strategic and career reasons, most likely. Sadly, many people, even many within the "911 truth movement" are closed minded to the possibility that the aircraft that hit weren't commercial flights, and even moreso to the possibility that nothing hit, and rather it was an internal explosion. Unfortunately, until a legitimate scientific investigation takes place the evidence will most likely remain inconclusive as to exactly what occurred. But as far as Alex, he probably avoids it for the sake of his career.

If you're asking me to do my research I assure you that I have, and also that even if I haven't, your immediate assumption that I should then be considered a "shill" is all to common with you hard-line no planers. The unsatisfying truth is that we just don't know everything we need to know about 9/11 yet. Which is why those more rational members of the 9/11 truth movement wisely stay focused on all the criminality and evidence that we can currently prove.

This doesn't mean that Alex isn't dodging the issue. He quite clearly is. But when attempting to investigate a crime, it's best to start from the bottom up when building a case. In other words, much of the "no plane" evidence appears valid but must be considered as of yet inconclusive (if we're going to be adult about this) This doesn't mean to stop investigating, quite the contrary. I encourage 'no planers' to diligently continue their work until they can present a more comprehensive case, perhaps including some form of physical evidence, like a whistleblower who would have worked on the visual manipulation, or some physical evidence, like some information left over from the computers they used to perform the trickery. But until then, you guys should really stop jerking off all over the whole 9/11 truth investigation, and accusing anyone who disagrees with your "skip to the last chapter" approach to 9/11 truth of being a shill. It just comes across clownish.