Friday, June 18, 2010

This gibroney's living in a fantasy world. Jon Stewart's criticism is incorrect? How about the renewal of the Patriot Act, fatso? Funny how you didn't mention that. That was the precise moment at which you were officially a retard for still supporting Obama.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bill Gates Punks the Truth Movement, Whether He Meant To or Not

I don't like Bill Gates. I don't trust him, or his glasses, or his sweaters. Even setting aside his Eugenicist ties, and transparently criminal "charity" organizations, there's still the fact that he's a nerdy asshole who somehow tricked the world into purchasing his inferior, and oftentimes criminally deficient computer products.

But no matter how strong the stench of cowardly sin emanating from Gates, it doesn't change the fact that he succeeded in punking (albeit probably in an inadvertent manner) some of the less bright members of the "truth" community with his recent comments regarding vaccines and population reduction.
Let's examine his comments word for word:
"If we do a really good job with new vaccines we could reduce [the population] by 10 to 15 percent."

Obviously what Gates is trying to say is that he believes vaccines save childrens lives, and administering them in the third world will reduce child mortality significantly enough so that people will not feel the same need to give birth to 6 to 8 children, a decision currently fueled by the likelihood that more than half of them will succumb to disease before the age of 10.

While I disagree with Gates that vaccines, rather than proper nutrition and sanitation, will have this effect, he is right about the effect in itself. When living standards increase to a healthy level, the phenomenon of giving birth to excessive amounts of children for security's sake does cease.

But the fearmongerers and alarmists within the truth movement are seemingly unable to grasp this simple point. To them, Gates' words are interpreted as a slip-up. A sudden and shocking admission of his hidden and dark ambitions.

First of all, he's not that stupid, and you're stupid if you think he's that stupid. Second of all, there's a pretty good chance that Gates, like the rest of the majority of people, is being taken for a ride, and is simply speaking naively, rather than cynically, regarding vaccines.

An incomplete list of people within the movement who are apparently either stupid enough, or in need enough of attention, to sloppily and irresponsily present Bill Gates' statements:

Alex Jones
Jack Blood
Mike Rivero
James Corbett

Beware of these buttholes. All of them are good people with good intentions, but beware of their capacity for grasping at straws for the sake of ratings or website hits.

There is more than enough real evidence of eugenicists and their nightmarish plans for the human race. There is simply no need to try to make something out of nothing by intentionally misinterpreting a quote, thereby providing ammunition for detractors who are already all too anxious to dismiss us as presumptuous paranoids.

Wise up, truth movement. You just punked yourselves.

Racists Go Home

David Duke's another shill and weasel, just like Farakhan. Another racist half-truth huckster, not to be trusted. The Jewish people are just another group of human beings, used and manipulated by the New World Order, into carrying out much of their dirty work. Oliver North is not a Jew. Dick Cheney is not a Jew. Al Gore is not a Jew. The Spanish Conquistadors were not Jewish. The FreeMasons are remarkably non-Jewish, in membership and philosophy.

To hate Jewish people for the acts of Zionists within their government makes about as much sense as hating Americans for the actions of Neocons.

So Jewish people can erect minorahs on public or federal property, but Christians can't? Alright, I'll just go ahead and tell ya. I think that's bullshit. Do you know of any examples of this being the case? Are there any examples of Christians being told to go home while Jewish people were welcomed to display their religious symbols? The video you posted didn't provide any whatsoever. Which is strange, because if there were actual examples of this, and if it weren't just a hateful, cynical lie being told by David Duke.. you'd think he would have.. shit, I dunno.. mentioned them, maybe?

This entire production is geared toward hatred and conflict. The entire latter part of it is merely David Duke quoting other dumb racists on the other side of the fence.

Jews "run" Hollywood? Really? What about: Martin Scorcese, George Lucas, Walt Disney, Rupert Murdoch, Frances Ford Coppolla, Kevin Smith, M. Knight Shamalon, Clint Eastwood, Matt Groening ?

Zionism is only part of this. This is apparent to everyone who isn't racist.