Monday, August 31, 2009

Why The Hate For The No-Planers?

Why can't we stop using cunty terms like no-planer, and truther? That's another good question, but today let's focus on why the "mainstream" of the 9/11 truth movement so vehemently resists any open discussion of the possibility that the images we were spoonfed from the military industrial media complex that day could have been digitally manipulated.

I follow the rule that one shouldn't speak with absolute certainty unless one is absolutely certain. So I'll say what I'm certain of. I'm certain that much of the evidence presented by these mysterious "no-planers" is very compelling indeed. I'm equally certain of how repellent I find the instinctively closed-minded response of most of the 9/11 truth "establishment" regarding this issue.

I sometimes need to pause and remind myself of how truly inappropriate and unwelcome our "conspiracy theorist" title is. I was simply pursuing reliable information and genuine knowledge, and Conspiracy Theorist is the condescending title I ended up with. (Apparently, the irony is completely lost on these twits, that if there were no conspiracy theorists, no crimes would ever be solved, since the entire essence of law enforcement consists of theorizing about how, when, where, and why a suspect conspired to commit a crime.) It's precisely this kind of narrow-minded labeling, and dismissal that helped turn me off to the mainstream media, and attract me to the truth movement to begin with. And it dismays me to see people within the movement act like kool aid drinkers themselves by declaring certain things taboo. Our time here is too short to worry about taboos. That's what a Gibroney would do.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gibroney Of The Week: Green Day

Never before in the history of modern music has there been a collection of hypocritical assholes quite so abrasively annoying, or utterly soul-raping as green day. When I hear Green Day's music, I'm truly flabbergasted by just how well their particular brand of Pussy-Punk is marketed to the nearly retarded. The most depressing part of it all is the fact that they're probably not even aware of what raging hypocrites they are.

They're even hypocritical in the sonic sense. Their musical style is mostly lifted from Bad Religion. Even if they could write music that was good, or even tolerable, there's still the issue of their whore-punk, do-anything-for-a-buck mentality. What makes Green Day so much more damaging than the typical sellout rock band, like U2 or Aerosmith, is the fact that they specifically attempt to sell this perverse form of well-confined rebellion while doing things like having their audience hold up their cell phone display screens, rather than lighters during a show.

Now maybe some of you bitch-made Gibroneys from this generation are okay with that, but I'm from the 90's and I'm here to tell you, that it's definitely not cool. I know that for quite some time now, it's been hip for bands to sellout but for Christ's sake, do you need to involve the audience in it? Do you need us to feel as degraded as you do? Seriously, fuck Green Day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Was Flight 93 Meant For Building 7?

It's striking how neatly tied together this crime would have been, were this to have occurred. Clearly, two of the very weakest aspects of the federal government's story are their explanation of building 7's collapse and that smoldering hole in Shanksville, into which an airliner supposedly disappeared. And these are precisely the loose ends that would have been tied together if flight 93 would have hit WTC 7, which I believe was probably the globalists' plan.

Not only would this have taken care of that embarrassing Pennsylvania thing, it would've also provided spectacular (and much more believable) footage of planes leveling buildings in New York. Perhaps this was meant to be the main focus of media attention, rather than the obviously demolished towers. Sure would've made the growth of the now unstoppable Truth Movement a lot harder, wouldn't it? Just some healthy speculation for ya. Anyway, here's Dr. Tarpley discussing the possibility that 9/11 was more than a typical false flag attack, but rather a comprehensive coup attempt.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009