Thursday, April 23, 2009

Federal Agents Are Bitter, Defeated Souls

Some Gibroney: I agree with that, but what if they had reason to believe that something was going to happenand they told everyone, once they were all there, it would be chaos. They might not have had any intel, but either way, they can't tell you what they are doing because you might be the one they are there to stop. It's only common sense. Why don't you guys go screw with the security guards at schools or grocery stores and ask them what they ae doing and see if you get any different of an answer

Some Gibroney: (in response to some other gibroney) You're right, they probably would have if it were that serious. I don't have any clue what they were doing there, maybe just a visual deterant. Who knows? But either way, they are not going to tell you because what if you are there to do harm or do research to do harm at a later date?

The Gibroney Hunter: Actually, government shills like this are usually given a cover story, at least, to regurgitate to any press that may be present. Perhaps this dude caught them by surprise and they weren't expecting any journalists to be aware of the event. People generally would not tolerate this sort of behavior from police, and they shouldn't tolerate it from spineless federal trash like that. Security guards at schools aren't Federal agents, you goddam nitwit. The New World Order feeds off idiots like you not making this distinction. You seem to be envisioning some Hollywood bullshit scenario in which these brave feds are there to catch some terrorists red handed. As if dozens of them in uniform wouldn't tip the Muslims off to their presence. When there is a bomb scare the first thing they do is evacuate. That's common knowledge. Your 'not wanting to cause panic' argument is stupid

Some Gibroney: No we are not. We are told to NOT TALK TO THE PRESS FOR ANY REASON, we are instructed to get a name and number and pass that info to our PR department. Maybe you should do your homework before you talk your crap.

The Gibroney Huner: Pigs are required to identify themselves to civilians. If not necessarily by card, then by badge number. Do YOUR homework before spreading your childish propaganda. You talk like you're some kind of expert on mass hysteria, but you and I both know that a shill like you will defend your criminal government/employer to the very end. Why is it so difficult for you to simply admit that the behavior of those federal employees was quite peculiar and just move on from there. No one's saying there's some massive conspiracy here to uncover, just that federal workers are generally much more arrogant and abusive than local and state police. Again, on average.

Also, a great way to cause mass hysteria would be to station the TSA at a public location and offer no explanation to the media whatsoever, thereby leaving the door wide open for rumor spreading and gossip on perhaps less reliable media outlets. Wouldn't it have made more sense to simply lie to the guy, rather than zip your lips shut and let him assume the worst? It would've been as simple as this: "Sir, this is a routine safety precaution, I really don't have much more information than that but i can direct you... " See? Mission accomplished. In fact, this is the squirrely way in which the Federal government would usually handle this sort of situation, judging by news reports. Countless times I've heard an initial explanation, immediately contradicted by a more detailed later explanation of an event. So this would not be unprecedented. There ya go. "mass hysteria" argument destroyed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gibroney Of The Week: Geneane Garofalo

"this is about racism" Fuck you, Geneane Garofalo. Your hateful stereotyping only serves to make you look like the absolute clown you are. You're a hatemongering, menstrual hollywood reject. This is about globalization and the hijacking of our economy by international bankers. You apparently have nothing to say regarding those issues, only all-too-easy-to-grasp social issues that are just irresistible to you grumpy liberal activist retards. I've not heard anyone seriously involved in these protests bring up the issue of race AT ALL. You're a fucking liar. You're an ugly old fucking liar. Eat shit. A nitwit like you would probably still be crying about her false interpretation of the right wing while you're being hustled off to a FEMA camp. If you're half as smart as you've pretended to be for the past twenty years, then hurry up and outgrow your pathetic attachment to the left-right paradigm. You're becoming irrelevant at light speed.

She talks alot about people being uneducated, which of course is always true when you're talking about Americans. But she's the one who seems utterly clueless about current events, and the Obama administration's blatant continuation of the efforts of the Bush administration. In his first week in office, this creep ensured the continuance of a policy of brutal torture, and added to the amount of troops being sent to Afghanistan. The anti-war candidate wasted no time in ramping up our imperial war in the desert. But Garofalo is more interested in quizing people on 18th century politics than addressing the abuses to our country that are taking place HERE and NOW. No one should listen to her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A.J vs. P.J

Here is my comment:
I get frustrated wit AJ alot too, but i try not to let it distract me from what's really important, which is opposing the N.W.O by any and all non-violent means at our disposal. It's important to remember that Alex Jones is just another human being, who has his hang-ups and his shortcomings just like the rest of us. Yes, he did come across abrasive and unprofessional during his debate with Peter Joseph, but truth be told, some of P.J's ideas sounded a bit half baked themselves. I'm referring of course to the obvious similarities between Marxist rhetoric and that of the Venus Project, and also to Joseph's peculiar rejection of the concept of evil. I think the most important thing people can learn from characters such as A.J and P.J is to get rid of your messiah complex and think for yourself. Alex Jones is a great patriot and I am forever indebted to him for the knowledge and understanding he's helped me gain. But I am not his follower. I'm not anyone's follower. No one should be anyone's follower.

Here is the new reply:
What do you say about millions of people who are "following" a man-made religion as to be the actual "word of god"! How do you reason with these people, tell them to be their own leader! It seems people are so weak and have no faith in themselves that they have to be told what is right, what to do, and who to follow... If the goal of taking down the NWO is world peace, You know there can never be world peace when there are different groups (cults) of people with different "god novels" claiming their's is the true "one". I have been accused of being an immature 12 year old for the name I use. I am accusing religious followers of being immature 10 year olds for still believing in Mother Goose fairytales!

You can see more information for the comment on this post here:

I agree with you completely, man. I have nothing but contempt for any and all organized religion, and consider it to be an insult to God and true spirituality. I’m not an atheist, but I believe that spirituality is a completely personal affair, and it’s ruined the moment you put it inside a church. But unfortunately, the threat that the N.W.O poses to free humanity must take precedence over the fight to free people’s minds from religion. I dream about a world without either of these stigmas to contend with.

I’ve heard this claim several times, that Peter Joseph “no longer believes 9/11 is an inside job” but I have yet to see any article or quote from him to confirm this. For obvious reasons, this is very important to know, so if you know where he is quoted as saying this, please share. The only thing i’ve been able to find in reference to this is the new york times article, in which the n.y.t journalist makes clear that he/she does not believe 9/11 was an inside job, but only states that Peter Joseph has “moved away” from the 9/11 truth movement. I took this to mean that P.J was simply asserting his independence from the movement, not necessarily changing his mind about what happened on 9/11. I think he should clarify this so everyone knows where he stands. If he squirms around the issue, he’s a shill and A.J was right. If he stands by the understanding that 9/11 was an inside job, then Alex Jones overreacted and should apologize for premature shit-talking.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Police Should Stop Trolling Our Streets

I want to suggest a new way for the police to conduct business in our country, because clearly, the current system isn't serving anyone's interest, not the people or the police. No one in their right mind would argue against the fact that police are a necessary part of society, but let's be clear. Police do not stop crime. They respond to it and sometimes prevent it, but certainly don't stop it, except in the rarest instances. Essentially it would require an officer on every corner to do this, and there isn't the funding or public desire for such an environment.

Unfortunately there seem to be two basic results of officers patrolling our streets constantly. First, they help to pirate funds for local governments and take food out of the mouths of hard working Americans every time they park their cruisers in the bushes, lying in wait with their radar guns, hoping for someone going 8 miles over the speed limit. Secondly, and more importantly, the police have been essentially turned into foot soldiers for the phony drug war, making wrongful arrests in its name every day.

People stuck inside the box might ask if I approve of giving armed criminals carte blanche to roam around unchecked, selling lethal substances to school children. The answer, of course, is no, but that type of question is retarded to begin with. It's based on the ignorant assumption that criminality and drug use are inevitably married to one another. But America's failed War on Alcohol in the 1920's clearly illustrates that this is false. As soon as it became illegal criminals moved in to fill that void, and as should have been expected, a thriving black market emerged. Then it became legal again, and all those criminals who seemed so inseperably involved with alcohol were gone, pursuing better opportunities elsewhere.

The lesson to be learned here is obvious, but unfortunately this same scenario has been playing out again on a much larger scale with the war on drugs. This black hole of funding and fascism is in reality just one more racket of the New World Order. The scam is pretty simple. The C.I.A supplies the nation with coke and crack, and then sits back and waits for poor people to fall victim to the system's drug laws and sent to privately owned prison camps.

Every nation that has ever existed has contained an element of both drug use and drug abuse. The embarrassing truth is that we are the only nation that has felt the need to wage a full scale war, complete with attack dogs and helicopters, against this unavoidable fact of life. I'm not suggesting that government has no role to play in managing the problem of drug abuse. It's the police and prisons, specifically, that should not be involved in the matter.

It's quite possible to envision a system in which officers are stationed at a headquarters, and however many satellite stations are deemed necessary for an area, and remain there until needed in response to an emergency. More than likely, this would actually increase efficiency and response time compared to blind patrolling, because it would streamline the lines of communication. But as long as there's a tyrannical drug war, this will remain just another American pipe dream.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gibroney of the Week: NPR

National Public Radio, or "No Penis Radio," as Stephen Colbert has titled it, is an important part of the Establishment's propaganda machine. It serves as a false beacon for many people in this country, masquerading as a valid alternative to mainstream media, when in reality offering very little in substance, sometimes even less than the other news sources they criticize. The effect NPR has is particularly dangerous because it can divert potentially informed people away from the truth. This is something they accomplish in two ways.

First, they drop just enough morsels of truth for the listener to remain enticed (at least by FM radio standards), then they spend the majority of the rest of their time flattering their audience's egos and reinforcing the image they have of themselves, which is that of a well informed and proactive citizen. Perhaps we should scrap NPR and start an entirely new national radio network. One in which the staff were voted in or out by the listeners. Maybe that would put some spark into those gibroneys to actually be an excellent source for news and information, instead of simply being the best on the dial, and then resting on their laurels.

They're doing an okay job with human interest stories, focusing on the hardships individuals are facing as a result of this economic hijacking. But then again, what good is that when NPR's blackout of the important issues is part of the reason we're suffering in the first place. Then there's the most repugnant aspect of it all. The pledge drive. This is when they ask us to pay them for their services to society. This is what really gets my goat. Not only do they try just as hard as the networks to keep us confused and feeling disempowered, but they expect us to pay them for it.

They seem to have no problem digging deep when a story involves a Hollywood actor or a musician, but they suddenly lose their nuts when the issue of politics or the erosion of the constitution arises. Except on rare occasions I find them to be among the most insidious of the gatekeepers.