Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Professional Pawns

The only thing worse than a damned fool is a professional damned fool. There are many reasons why Americans remain functionally asleep to the reality of their Globalist imposed tyranny, but one of the main ones is certainly our state of profound ignorance. Upon occasion I marvel at just how hard I had tried to become well informed by relying on mainstream sources, such as NPR and MSNBC, and just how laughably impossible that turned out to be. Before independent internet based media arrived to revive the corpse of journalism in this country, I had essentially given up any hope of receiving accurate and contextually rich information.

Had I even been aware that the many blatant discrepencies of the official explanation of 9/11 were "on the table," so to speak, in terms of discussion-worthy topics, I would've displayed a passionate interest. But the MSM, between 2001 and 2006 performed their sociological hypnotism extraordinarily well, as to repel any serious look at the event. But sometime in 2006-7, this changed. Enough of a clamor had grown, enough voices had joined in, to make the chorus of 9/11 truth just barely audible within the nooks and crannies of the internet. Simultaneously, the MSM, through increasingly lackluster attempts to coherently address our deeply rooted problems, was and still is churning out hordes of intellectually hungry discontents like myself, who inevitably gravitate toward the truth movement.

This summarizes the response that I and many others have had to a first encounter with truly independent media. There is, however, another all too common response to this hidden class of information. Some people have simply decided, perhaps subconsciously, that the acknowledgment that they've been utterly and comprehensively lied to since birth is either too frightening or too threatening to the ego to allow to occur. This is a morally hazardous choice to make because as soon as one chooses to ignore looming threats, one is volunteering themselves up as dependent of those who do choose to address these problems. This simple point is lost on many of us, who have been so effectively trained to only seriously consider the question of what to consume and when to consume it. We are meant to feel as alienated from as much of the structure of governance as possible.

This is another big barrier between many people and the horrendous reality of crimes like 9/11 and the Federal Reserve Act. To examine these crimes is to examine the true cost of our monolithically shallow consumer culture, which has captivated us like shiny objects do a baby. To admit that this is our reality is to admit that we are all sick and in need of healing. Much easier to indulge in racism, sports, and beer.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chemtrails N.J (2)

Three fresh, skinny ones ontop of what appear to be dissipating clouds from earlier chemtrails.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chemtrails N.J

Many more to come...

Whether we like it or not.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anti-Filesharing = Anti-Art

Go back to school and get your marketing degree if you're so concerned with turning a profit. Salesmen and profiteers have been stealing the limelight away from real artists for far too long, anyway, so it'd probably work out for the best. You'd still get to dress in physical and spiritual costume while making a buck, and we get our sacred form of communication back.

It's truly a blessing to live in a society in which it's possible to make a living, and sometimes even become rich, by the simple act of making art. However it's become undeniable over the past few decades, that the average big musical act is a black void of talent or substance, hopelessly detached from any real artistic process.

Even many artists with better reputations than your typical anti-piracy crybabies still seem to have lost their perspective on this issue. For example, a friend of mine recently mentioned that Muse had spoken out against filesharing. Not more than a few hours later I was looking at the booklet for their album "haarp," and I see a picture of one of the members wearing what appear to be a silver-coated pair of custom Adidas, or some similar brand. They are tacky and ridiculous and look like something Bruno would wear. They were also probably extremely and needlessly expensive.

Is this why Muse wants filesharing to stop? So they can continue to feed their pointless retarded ugly shoe habit, along with any other stupid extravagant nonsense they've embraced since getting signed? So they can continue to follow the sickeningly pompous trend of anti-bands like U2? Is it a coincidence that nearly all performers who oppose filesharing, are also prone to spending $10,000 to look like a retard onstage? I have the sneaking suspicion that this type of wasteful nonsense is precisely what these fake artists are defending, when they complain about filesharing. It's not about receiving a fair return for performing art, since that was never these people's intention. It's about pushing product. Which is why they're so upset about the deflating racket formerly known as the "recording industry."

Ultimately, these problems are all primarily attributable to the sleazy recording industry, who for a long time now have been treating music and art as nothing more than a pop culture commodity. Since bad, dumb music is more accessible, this is what's predominantly pushed, not because record execs like bad dumb music, but because bad dumb music simply has more marketing power.

Instead of being a beacon, tempting people to reach higher, music and art have overwhelmingly become an enabler of negativity, beckoning people to sink lower. This is why we shouldn't feel bad for these weasels, or their shrinking industry at all. It's Brittany Spears and Metallica who are dying. Radiohead and Trent Reznor are doing just fine.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Gibroney Hunter: So tired of people using the "youtube is your source?! how ridiculous!" This is one of the dumbest things you can say because clearly youtube is what you make of it, meaning that if you wanna watch hampsters play piano you can, and if you want to watch documentaries or news clips, you can do that too. Really, it totally depends on how YOU choose to use youtube. Youtube videos have sources just like anything shown on television. If it's from ABC it says so. If it's from the AP it says so.

Some Gibroney: The problem with that is...many people post what they want..and call it a fact or a truth..when it is not. Then someone...who doesn't know any better sees it and propagates it as fact. There is NO accountability or social responsibility on YT. That is the problem. Anyone..and I MEAN anyone can post. IN FACT corporations have posted videos that they intended to influence people on YT and say that they are by one person..but they have THEIR own Monetary agendas. JUST ask AL GORE and HIS PENGUINS.

The Gibroney Hunter: They just arrested a group of punk kids who were going around tackling people unexpectedly, and a bunch of other cheap pranks. They were identified and are now facing charges. So I disagree that there's no accountability. I don't believe that there's any social responsibility on television, or radio, or print, or anywhere else, really.. which is the whole point. Youtube is simply a medium on which to post all other media. It is what you make it, plain and simply. It's the viewer'sresponsibility to fact check while watching a youtube video just as it is when watching a national geographic documentary. People don't suddenly become more stupid and unable to discern between shit and shinola, just because they're on a site called youtube. It's a childish argument to try to hide behind the perceived illegitimacy of youtube, rather than addressing any of the points being made during the film. The claim of there being no evidence is also ridiculous. Google Dr. Steven Jones and his research regarding the presence of nano-thermite in the dust debris from 9/11. So far his findings have been corroborated by at least 9 other physicists. Also there's the massive amount of insider trading that took place directly before the terror attacks. These are just two examples from volumes of evidence. This evidence is not about determining who DID perpetrate the attacks. That's getting ahead of ourselves. First we have to deal with the obvious fact that the official story is simply false.

Some Gibroney: I work with the govt..and when I'm trying to get something accomplished..it's like pulling out my own teeth to get it done. I like to use the term "it moves at the speed of govt" It's another reason why I don't THINK the conspiracy theory works. Far too complicated. TOO many unnecessary steps in the dance. They could have streamlined the whole thing. Of course..that is my opinion..if there is/was a conspiracy. Just playing the devils advocate.

The Gibroney Hunter: How could they have streamlined the whole thing? 9/11 wasn't just about dragging America into another illegitimate war, the establishment can do that anytime they wish. The point of 9/11, from their perspective, was to shock and awe the American public into not only supporting war efforts, but to usher in a more oppressive environment here at home, which is exactly what was accomplished with the Patriot Act, now renewed by our "Liberal" president. They wanted another Vietnam, but without the pesky freedom of speech or right to assemble aspect of it, which eventually shut down the war machine. This time, that problem would be accounted for. Hence the nightmarish snuff film of 9/11 shown to the American people by the Banker-controlled Media puppets, for the purpose of shocking us into accepting a much more Orwellian state.

Some Gibroney: Ok...stream line it..by..Lets not have these guys training on aircraft they won't be using. Let's take them off continent to a base or friendly country and train on the acyual aircraft they are going to use. Then LETS really pack this things with explosives or whatever. We won't chance them living in a rented home in FLA and talking to people. Why chance them going through an airport and being compromised.. Just fly straight in on commercial routes. TOO many steps to the dance. That's true..but the objective was different. There was a common goal for the good of the nation. I can't believe that not of those people..did not have a conscience and wouldn't step forward and talk either before or after. 7 years is a long time to keep from being compromised. We also didn't have the internet...where we can remain nameless and face less and leak tons on Intel with out having to be named. It just doesn't add up to me.. Of course you still have to prove that IS what happened.

The Gibroney Hunter: Sybel Edmonds, former F.B.I translator recently broke her federal gag order by announcing to the media (who curiously enough didnt' cover it) that U.S intelligence had communication and was in collusion with Osama Bin Laden UP TO THE VERY DAY OF 9/11. So you no longer have to believe that not one of those people did not have a conscience and speak out. Of course, there are many other examples of individuals speaking out. I don't have to prove anything happened, only that we've been lied to by the federal government about 9/11 so extensively as to warrant a new and truly independent investigation, which is a point that has been overwhelmingly proven over and over again. You're correct that someone could post information anonymously on the internet, but without authentication of source, no one would believe it. Without a credible journalist to stand by the story, no one would take it seriously. And no journalist (not even the very few good ones) would put their neck on the line for an unverified online source that could be a teenager pranking them for all they know. Internet or not, sources still need to be just as verifiable now as they did 40 years ago, in order to be credible by journalistic standards. Your statements regarding the "hijackers" is supported by the assumption that the were more than merely patsies. Many have argued that their ridiculous behavior at the flight schools (their instructors have gone on record saying they don't see how Hanyur could have piloted that airbus into the pentagon), obnoxious behavior at strip clubs.. was meant to attract attention to them. It's not uncommon for intelligence services to employ individuals to take part in drills and other exercises. This is a possible explanation for some of the hijackers (at least 6 of whom have come out publicly, stating that they're still alive, by the way). Rather than being idle speculation, this is a very critical line of inquiry that SHOULD have been addressed by the fraudulent 9/11 Commission.

Some Gibroney: That's definitely where we are on the same page. I'm all for an independent investigation. I don't care what the outcome is. I'm indifferent. I just want facts and truth through due process and the diligence to be accurate and thorough. That means proving ever accusation and not just speculating on very limited info at best. Like I said..that has been my point all along. IF the FACTS take us there...then that's where we go. But don't try to LEAD the evidence there. That's JUST WRONG. Agreed but..here there are two crimes you are required by law to report. can you guess what they are?. CHILD abuse..and TREASON. So Osama..doesn't have any obligation..and besides we already know he doesn't like the infidels. So it stands to reason from his history..he knew of something...and if he had anything to do with the planning...then he is guilty. it's still conspiracy to commit a terrorist act. Once again I am speculating he knows something or had some part of it. I can't prove it. Airbus? To my knowledge it was a 757. I also think the pilot school instructors were speculating. I 've worked with complete idiots..but when they had to get something done...they DID. Which six were these? You make a point about being CREDIBLE..and that is also my point about YT. YOU can be anyone on here..BARKING up a storm...but a lot of it..is purely misinformation..that they pass on as FACT that they heard somewhere else. That doesn't make any of it fact or even true.. I dislike YT for that reason. ZERO accountability.

The Gibroney Hunter: I used the term airbus as a general term to describe a large aircraft, not as an actual description of the literal model of aircraft, and yes you're correct it was a 757. The flight instructors, having had direct experience attempting to instruct certain of the alleged hijackers, cannot be said to be speculating, but to be giving their opinion regarding Hanyur's skills. So now you're saying that people who are incompetent can suddenly become competent? Seems to run counter to your previous remarks about 9/11 being an inside job, being too "complex" to have been pulled off. Again, I simply disagree about the issue of accountability on youtube.  I think the increase in voices being heard actually increases the total amount of credibility, as there are more independent criticisms available of just about any topic. I agree with you that most of what's on youtube is as you say, purely misinformation, but can you give me of an example of a medium for which that isn't true? Isn't most of what's on television also uncredible and full of misinformation (think Fox News, or NPR)? While someone's opinion expressed on youtube is completely uncensored or edited (except for obscenity), they still need to support their claims and opinions with facts if they want anyone to take them seriously. The mere fact that I am using youtube right now does not automatically make me more prone to believing uncorroborated, baseless things. "shooting the messenger" is a cop out intended by most. people as a way to divert the subject from the issue itself, which is that the crime of 9/11 clearly has not transpired in the way that we were told it did, by our government. Just do a google search for "9/11 hijackers still alive" and you will have access to all the names, dates, places relevant to the topic.

Pantera: Founders of Street Metal

In the 1990's Pantera set the standard for every future metal band aspiring to become better/faster/stronger, and more visceral than Metallica. It was truly a golden age of the artform when Megadeth and Anthrax, and later Type O Negative and Alice In Chains would tour together with them. This was a time when metal resembled something more like a brotherhood, rather than the gathering of pretty boys, all vying to be the leader of technical and passionless proficiency, that it has primarily become these days. There are just as many good new metal bands as there were good old metal bands, though. The fact that most metal bands are garbage, only reflects the fact that there are just that many more people playing metal these days. The genre has grown healthily over the years, seemingly impervious to either mainstream praise or scorn.

There's something so purely American about Pantera. Their being from the state of Texas surely plays a part in that, but it's also something much deeper. They seem to represent, more purely than anyone before or since, the emotions and sentiments of so many frustrated and shell shocked youths in this country. Many bands have successfully reflected the themes of alienation, but when it comes to the unending boiling rage that results from it, and then the frustration that comes from the inability to find an outlet for it, Pantera is unsurpassed. Of course there are other remarkable aspects to Pantera's music, but this is the one that earns them their title of being the founders of Street Metal. No witches or goblins. No overblown antics. Just a pure reflection of both the ugliness and beauty that seethes from every street of this nation.