Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gibroney Of The Week: Dennis Leary

You goony-looking cock smoker. Not much of a surprise to find you in the Gibroney file. You've always been a hack, not just in comedy but in other professions you've decided to make a mockery of, like acting, or writing. It's ironic that your public persona was almost entirely lifted from real comedians like Bill Hicks and George Carlin, yet your values seem to be more in line with those of dim-witted conformists, rather than those of a well informed, ranting comedian. The fact that you're a sheeple in wolve's clothing probably has alot to do with you landing the starring role in "Rescue Me," a show about 9/11 first responders.

Bet you didn't expect your co star, Daniel Sunjata, to come out and publicly support the 9/11 truth movement though, did ya? Now we all get to watch the question get thrown in your uninformed face. Of course, I don't always approve of accosting people on the street regarding 9/11. Depends on the person, I say. But if you're going to star in a show dealing specifically with the topic, you should probably expect to be dealing with it yourself for the near future. Especially a subject as controversial as 9/11.

I know in the '90's, you were able to trick everyone into thinking that you're some type of truth telling badass, but here, in post-internet bubble America, we talk alot more. And ask alot more questions. So it's much harder to do the whole "pretending to rock the boat when in reality I'm just a louder conformist" thing. Anyway, have a nice time milking whatever's left of your reputation doing commercials, and sucking Glen Beck's nuts. Gibroney.

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