Thursday, August 6, 2009

Was Flight 93 Meant For Building 7?

It's striking how neatly tied together this crime would have been, were this to have occurred. Clearly, two of the very weakest aspects of the federal government's story are their explanation of building 7's collapse and that smoldering hole in Shanksville, into which an airliner supposedly disappeared. And these are precisely the loose ends that would have been tied together if flight 93 would have hit WTC 7, which I believe was probably the globalists' plan.

Not only would this have taken care of that embarrassing Pennsylvania thing, it would've also provided spectacular (and much more believable) footage of planes leveling buildings in New York. Perhaps this was meant to be the main focus of media attention, rather than the obviously demolished towers. Sure would've made the growth of the now unstoppable Truth Movement a lot harder, wouldn't it? Just some healthy speculation for ya. Anyway, here's Dr. Tarpley discussing the possibility that 9/11 was more than a typical false flag attack, but rather a comprehensive coup attempt.

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