Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Calling Shenanigans on the Professional Class Propagandists, Once Again

Get a load o' this Gibronasaurus

Yeah I stopped taking this guy seriously as soon as he tried to connect Maher's skepticism of the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC's standards and practices, with "9/11 conspiracy mongering", simply by declaring it so. He draws no comparisons. He gives no fact-based examples. He simply name-drops '9/11 conspiracy theories' and then name-drops vaccine skepticism and then lazily lets his hopefully braindead audience make the unfair connection, without any critical inquiry. Rather than playing politics by dragging up the name of a political movement that may have a certain stigma for the average moron, this dude could have presented a legitimate SCIENTIFIC, not POLITICAL, critique. You'd think that would've been in order, since.. y'know.. he's a scientist, n' all.

Equating the honest and legitimate concerns of parents across this nation to a politically stigmatized movement without providing any support for that claim is just intellectually dishonest.

Reminding us of the basic theory behind vaccinations is a laughable response to skepticism and concern over a fast-tracked vaccine that has undergone utterly inadequate testing. The issue isn't whether or not there is any basis to the concept of vaccinations (there most assuredly is) but rather whether this scientific breakthrough has been politically and economically hijacked by people who, shall we say, haven't taken the hypocratic oath.

"Your brilliant line about how we know that the Bush administration did not orchestrate 9/11 (“because it worked”)"

His description of this line from Bill Maher as "brilliant" says a whole lot about him. Interpreting the "inside job" theory of 9/11 as some ridiculously unrealistic assertion that bush the nitwit is singlehandedly responsible for the attacks, reveals a mind-blowing niavete towards how intelligence organizations such as the C.I.A, MI6, and Moussad operate throughout our world. If anything, the presidency of such a dolt as Bush Jr. clearly illustrates COMPETENCY AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.. for surely only a society expertly manipulated and controlled, and pervasively propagandized, could tolerate an 8 year reign from such a stuttering "clown on the world stage," to use one of Maher's more memorable lines.


  1. Hahaha, are you now going after everything hutch posts and tearing it up?

  2. hah Nah, I left a comment on the post itself, for the sake of consistency. The author of this open letter is just so Gibronificated as to warrant a blog entry.