Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Medicinal" Marijuana in NJ: So Far, So Good, So What?

Legal "medicinal" marijuana is cool n all, but at the same time, fuck "medicinal" marijuana. It's a misnomer. What's the difference between 'medicinal' marijuana and regular ole' marijuana that people have been consuming, to their benifit, for millenia? Nothing.

Nothing at all, except the system full of prescription drug munching square zombies who've been convinced that one's okay, and the other's purely criminal. Marijuana is not like oxycontin, a dangerous substance requiring proper credentials in order to posess. It's a beautiful and abundantly healthful plant that fights cancer, promotes healthy spirituality and general well-being and stability of mind.

Take a 5 minute break from your hyper-alert, problem solving state of mind and perhaps you'll agree that the reason mother nature made cannabis one of the most ubiquitous and versatile plants on the face of the planet was because MAYBE WE WERE MEANT TO GIVE IT A TRY EVERY NOW AND THEN.


  1. Sorry, I disagree...I'm certainly no fan of prescription medication, but all the people I have ever known who smoked weed (I'm talking over a 15 year period) are either mentally ill, have become violent people or are dead.

    I have no doubt in my own mind that Cannabis makes people become mentally ill. I've seen it with my own eyes.

    Thankfully, I never tried weed, ever.

  2. Your observation that there is a correlation between mental illness and the consumption of drugs/substances is correct. It's in your assumption that there is also a causation, however, where I disagree.

    In other words, it should come as no surprise to people that someone with a personality that allows them to be violent/abusive towards other people, or toward their children, or toward their vehicles, etc.. would also exhibit those traits when dealing with substances like marijuana or alcohol. To put it another way, I see no connection between ending up dead or violent, and the consumption of marijuana. A good example of a contradiction to your claim would be the military. Thousands of Americans have ended up both dead and violent because of it, and non of them were consuming marijuana or alcohol at the time.

    Cannabis can have negative effects and certainly can be abused. But so can cars.. and greasy food.. and scissors.. and guns.. and bibles.. Hell, you can abuse water, and drink it to the point of vomiting. And, interestingly enough, Cannabis is just as natural as water.

    There are thousands of years of anthropological history involving the consumption and practical use of marijuana. Combine that with the fact that despite over a hundred years of oppression, the Establishment has still been unable to cite even one scientific study demonstrating any negative effects of marijuana whatsoever. Finally, combine all that with the fact that time and time again, people have discovered and re-discovered the healing properties of Cannabis that put Aloe to shame.

    (I've noticed a common trait among many detractors of marijuana is the fact that they never have, nor will, consume it, usually citing some entirely irrational belief that if they do they'll immediately become insane, even though this isn't borne out by either practical or scientific observation.)