Sunday, June 13, 2010

Racists Go Home

David Duke's another shill and weasel, just like Farakhan. Another racist half-truth huckster, not to be trusted. The Jewish people are just another group of human beings, used and manipulated by the New World Order, into carrying out much of their dirty work. Oliver North is not a Jew. Dick Cheney is not a Jew. Al Gore is not a Jew. The Spanish Conquistadors were not Jewish. The FreeMasons are remarkably non-Jewish, in membership and philosophy.

To hate Jewish people for the acts of Zionists within their government makes about as much sense as hating Americans for the actions of Neocons.

So Jewish people can erect minorahs on public or federal property, but Christians can't? Alright, I'll just go ahead and tell ya. I think that's bullshit. Do you know of any examples of this being the case? Are there any examples of Christians being told to go home while Jewish people were welcomed to display their religious symbols? The video you posted didn't provide any whatsoever. Which is strange, because if there were actual examples of this, and if it weren't just a hateful, cynical lie being told by David Duke.. you'd think he would have.. shit, I dunno.. mentioned them, maybe?

This entire production is geared toward hatred and conflict. The entire latter part of it is merely David Duke quoting other dumb racists on the other side of the fence.

Jews "run" Hollywood? Really? What about: Martin Scorcese, George Lucas, Walt Disney, Rupert Murdoch, Frances Ford Coppolla, Kevin Smith, M. Knight Shamalon, Clint Eastwood, Matt Groening ?

Zionism is only part of this. This is apparent to everyone who isn't racist.

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