Friday, March 27, 2009

My Response To A 9/11 Denialist

As the title suggests, this is my posted youtube response to a particularly silly individual who wanted to battle me on the facts of 9/11.

Your argument is cheap and devoid of any actual content. Basically, you accuse 9/11 conspiracy theories of being silly, reiterating this statement over and over in a redundant fashion, and then provide nothing whatsoever to back up your claim. Since you're obviously a naive little girl, allow me to inform you a bit as to how one presents a point of view and then defends it. First, you state your opinion. You seem to have that part down, since that's really all you said in your entire comment.. over and over again.. then, you provide FACTS that would support your opinion. This you completely fail to do.

And just so ya know, "the tv told me so" is not a valid argument, since the television and media is not a perfectly reliable source of information. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to understand that all information the mainstream media provides is filtered. This fact by itself makes clear that one must rely on multiple sources of media to get as close to the truth as possible.

You try very hard to make certain claims sound silly and incredible, and some of them may very well turn out to be just that. But understand this. If any aspect of 9/11 conspiracy theories were to be disproved, they would be disproved by using the voice of science and reason, not by second-rate generalizations, which really only reveal your own ignorance on the subject.

Of course, you can always just continue shopping and watching tv while maintaining the ridiculous belief that governments, by their very nature, arent always in the business of gaining more power and control over their citizenry. Your argument that no evidence would be left behind is niavete in its purest and most american form. There seem to be two very important facts you fail to understand. 1. When you own the entire mainstream media, you control what most uneducated, unthinking Americans know about anything, and therefore don't need to worry about the glaringly obvious evidence left behind, since most people will continue to think that the very act of discussing the discrepencies regarding 911 is anti-american. They believe this because fox news tells them to believe it, not because it's based on any form of logic or scientific evaluation.

I wonder if the reason your message was completely devoid of facts is because you haven't done any research on September the 11th. Maybe the reason so many "CTs" as you put it, seem to you to think they know everything about 911 is because you know nothing. You'd think that if conspiracy theories annoy you so much, you'd do your homework and provide the arguments and information to finally disprove them once and for all.

I don't claim to know what happened that day, but I will tell you this. At least I'm not afraid to talk about it, which seems to be the main problem with you 9/11 deniers. Instead of honest debate, you resort to insults and childish dismissal, which is a tell-tale sign of someone who doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.

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