Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Do So Many Peaceniks Hate Alex Jones?

This is a question I've been tossing around lately. Particularly after having sat with a group of fairweather thinkers during a viewing of the Obama Deception. Just a few minutes in someone made note of Alex Jones' shall we say, extroverted personality. While they certainly weren't the first or last to bring attention to Mr. Jones' aggressive journalistic style, I expected the group to get their chuckles in about it and move on.

Instead constant criticism was offered regarding both his language and tone, along with the visuals contained in the film. Interestingly enough I heard no criticism of the actual ideas, or the actual information in the film. The closest they came to this was that tried and true mantra of the truth-fearing Sheeple: "How do I know he's not just making all of this up?" The short answer to this naive question is pretty simple: Through fact-checking and internet research, dummy. The quick and easy cross-referencing made available by the internet is truly an invaluable tool for those conducting research.

But back to the question of why hippies seem to hate Alex Jones so much. I believe it's primarily because of his unwillingness to sugarcoat the truth and his belief that we should prepare for violence. Hippies don't like the thought of being threatened by violence, and nor does anyone else for that matter. But they don't just dislike the reality of a looming threat to our freedom. They try their best to ignore it. Some even go so far as to deny it, but most are content to invest efforts simply downplaying the threat the N.W.O poses.

The reason these peaceniks are nowhere to be found on any of the important issues is because of their general belief that all is and will continue to be well, through no particular effort on their part. They turn a blind eye to the dark side of human nature, and the ongoing threat it poses to our survival. They fail to recognize that preparedness for threats is a form of intelligence and therefore favored by natural selection. Basically, these deluded scenesters have lost their fight vs. flight instinct, and instead are behaving quite similarly to deer in headlights. Silent and motionless.

This isn't an attack on pacifism. There are many people within the movement (which is a good general term to describe the awakening of people and the increase in public knowledge fueled by the internet) who reject all forms of violence. In fact, this movement is entirely peaceful and all progress that has been made has been made by simply communicating, nothing more, nothing less.

But yeah, to recap, hip kids and Alex Jones don't mix well. Unfortunately my own experience confirms what Michael Tsarion has said about the matter. Namely, that there are many people who fall inbetween 'free thinkers' and 'sheeple'. They're bright enough to realize that they're different from the herd, but either too dim or too scared to embrace that status fully, and the ostracization that inevitably follows. Thinking independently and individualism are very marketable ideas for the kids. Sadly, the work that these require is not. This is why Americans love their Daily Show and their Bill Maher. Because Truth Lite is much easier to swallow, plus it allows one to walk around pretending to be 'in the know' while still enjoying the perks of slavery.

The reason I'm making a big deal of this is because this movement needs all the help it can get if we're going to have any chance to survive, and it truly saddens me to see bright people with real potential fall victim to denial and group-think.

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