Monday, July 13, 2009

Fuck you, John Yoo

John Yoo is a professor at Berkely, and a former Department Of Justice official. He is also a dirtbag. His legal analysis, and his legal analysis alone, was the Bush Administration's justification for both torture and domestic wiretapping. One guy's opinion was used to allow tyrants to torture children in front of parents with impunity, all under the guise of catching "terrists" who don't really exist and never really attacked us in the first place.

No second opinion. No scrutiny from congress. Just a disingenuous legal analysis that would later be admonished by the Justice Department. Admonished because of the obvious impropriety of basing an entire nation's foreign policy on the puppet opinion of one spiritless, souldead lawyer. But not admonished by the public. No, certainly not. Not when there's all these sports n' beers to attend to. Sports n' beers. Beers n' sports. Beers n' sports. Sports n' beers. Get over it, debt cattle.

Really, the term "coincidence theorist" does a great job of describing the average American. There seems to be no limit to how many checks they will mark in the "coincidence" column, when it comes to everything that's happened to us since 9/11/01. The truth is, much has happened. And that story hasn't really even begun to be told.

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