Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gibroney Of The Week: The Anti-Defamation League

This whore of a hate group is the first line of defense for Globalist scumbags. Far from being a protective organization for the Jewish people, this sellout organization has become a very effective bulldog for the Illuminati. Any discussion of Zionism and its role within the global power structure is likely to get you labeled an antisemite. The Anti-Defamation League assaults the good name of Jewish people everywhere, just as the 9/11 lie does the same for Muslims.

David Icke is consistently harassed by these propagandists. Despite the complete absence of any evidence whatsoever, the ADL accuses him of racism and openly attempts to censor him from the media. They offer no angry quotes from Icke. No questionable personal relationships with extremists. Just vague villification and the baseless assertion that when Icke talks about his 'reptilians' he's actually talking about Jews, wink wink. Shameful nonsense.

I don't have much to say regarding fourth dimensional reptilian beings, but I'll tell you this. If you have the ADL on your nuts, then you must be talking something close to truth. It's interesting to consider the similarities between the Anti-Defamation League and Al Qaeda. They're both essentially fake and only in existence to serve the agenda of their Globalist puppeteers.

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