Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Professional Pawns

The only thing worse than a damned fool is a professional damned fool. There are many reasons why Americans remain functionally asleep to the reality of their Globalist imposed tyranny, but one of the main ones is certainly our state of profound ignorance. Upon occasion I marvel at just how hard I had tried to become well informed by relying on mainstream sources, such as NPR and MSNBC, and just how laughably impossible that turned out to be. Before independent internet based media arrived to revive the corpse of journalism in this country, I had essentially given up any hope of receiving accurate and contextually rich information.

Had I even been aware that the many blatant discrepencies of the official explanation of 9/11 were "on the table," so to speak, in terms of discussion-worthy topics, I would've displayed a passionate interest. But the MSM, between 2001 and 2006 performed their sociological hypnotism extraordinarily well, as to repel any serious look at the event. But sometime in 2006-7, this changed. Enough of a clamor had grown, enough voices had joined in, to make the chorus of 9/11 truth just barely audible within the nooks and crannies of the internet. Simultaneously, the MSM, through increasingly lackluster attempts to coherently address our deeply rooted problems, was and still is churning out hordes of intellectually hungry discontents like myself, who inevitably gravitate toward the truth movement.

This summarizes the response that I and many others have had to a first encounter with truly independent media. There is, however, another all too common response to this hidden class of information. Some people have simply decided, perhaps subconsciously, that the acknowledgment that they've been utterly and comprehensively lied to since birth is either too frightening or too threatening to the ego to allow to occur. This is a morally hazardous choice to make because as soon as one chooses to ignore looming threats, one is volunteering themselves up as dependent of those who do choose to address these problems. This simple point is lost on many of us, who have been so effectively trained to only seriously consider the question of what to consume and when to consume it. We are meant to feel as alienated from as much of the structure of governance as possible.

This is another big barrier between many people and the horrendous reality of crimes like 9/11 and the Federal Reserve Act. To examine these crimes is to examine the true cost of our monolithically shallow consumer culture, which has captivated us like shiny objects do a baby. To admit that this is our reality is to admit that we are all sick and in need of healing. Much easier to indulge in racism, sports, and beer.

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