Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anti-Filesharing = Anti-Art

Go back to school and get your marketing degree if you're so concerned with turning a profit. Salesmen and profiteers have been stealing the limelight away from real artists for far too long, anyway, so it'd probably work out for the best. You'd still get to dress in physical and spiritual costume while making a buck, and we get our sacred form of communication back.

It's truly a blessing to live in a society in which it's possible to make a living, and sometimes even become rich, by the simple act of making art. However it's become undeniable over the past few decades, that the average big musical act is a black void of talent or substance, hopelessly detached from any real artistic process.

Even many artists with better reputations than your typical anti-piracy crybabies still seem to have lost their perspective on this issue. For example, a friend of mine recently mentioned that Muse had spoken out against filesharing. Not more than a few hours later I was looking at the booklet for their album "haarp," and I see a picture of one of the members wearing what appear to be a silver-coated pair of custom Adidas, or some similar brand. They are tacky and ridiculous and look like something Bruno would wear. They were also probably extremely and needlessly expensive.

Is this why Muse wants filesharing to stop? So they can continue to feed their pointless retarded ugly shoe habit, along with any other stupid extravagant nonsense they've embraced since getting signed? So they can continue to follow the sickeningly pompous trend of anti-bands like U2? Is it a coincidence that nearly all performers who oppose filesharing, are also prone to spending $10,000 to look like a retard onstage? I have the sneaking suspicion that this type of wasteful nonsense is precisely what these fake artists are defending, when they complain about filesharing. It's not about receiving a fair return for performing art, since that was never these people's intention. It's about pushing product. Which is why they're so upset about the deflating racket formerly known as the "recording industry."

Ultimately, these problems are all primarily attributable to the sleazy recording industry, who for a long time now have been treating music and art as nothing more than a pop culture commodity. Since bad, dumb music is more accessible, this is what's predominantly pushed, not because record execs like bad dumb music, but because bad dumb music simply has more marketing power.

Instead of being a beacon, tempting people to reach higher, music and art have overwhelmingly become an enabler of negativity, beckoning people to sink lower. This is why we shouldn't feel bad for these weasels, or their shrinking industry at all. It's Brittany Spears and Metallica who are dying. Radiohead and Trent Reznor are doing just fine.

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