Monday, March 1, 2010

VIDEO GAMES: Anathema of the Bible Thumpers

I think if you follow the ratings your kids will generally be fine. No doubt that many games are merely military training/recruitment programs, but no one in their right mind would not let their kid play Super Mario, or Wii Tennis. The truth is video games are just another medium, like television, books, etc, that can be easily abused by those in power. This does not mean that all video games are inherently fascist brainwashing tools.

This type of brainwashing loses nearly all its power once the intended victim is aware of the trick. Rather than fighting a losing battle to censor children from this sick culture (they'll be exposed to it, whether you like it or not), I think energy would be better spent making sure kids are properly equipped with education and self confidence, in order to simply brush off such obscene and clumsy attempts at military indoctrination. Going "puritan" and attempting to plug your kid's ears and cover their eyes, will most likely have the opposite effect from the one intended.

Make sure your kids know that there are people out there who play dirty tricks like using toys to try to tell them what to think. Naivete is far more damaging than any video game could ever be.

Based on an examination of the gameplay, it's clear how the games are used, to some extent, as covert training/indoctrination tools for the youth. But when using the plot, or story inbetween the gameplay in an overwhelming majority of video games, the message is often subversive, and anti-new world order, at least in spirit. Video games have this in common with film, in that there are clearly two forces at work here: The Establishment's attempt to sink its claws into yet another public medium of communication, and the honest portion of the people (i.e the game programmers, developers who are not New World Order, and have no part in any hidden agenda) who offer, perhaps unwittingly, a counterpoint to much of the militaristic indoctrinations.

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