Monday, March 29, 2010

What would Bill Hicks think about bible thumping within the Truth Movement?

Why should they "make it hard" for people to have abortions? Hate to burst your holy rolling bubble, but abortions have been performed for thousands of years and are a part of human behavior. Even the Catholics were tolerant of abortion for most of their history, until the modern hyper-politicized version of the issue. Eugenics is real, no doubt. But forcing people onto welfare because of children they cant provide for, is a far more valuable tool of control for these Globalists than abortion clinics. There are 500,000 orphans in this country and the numbers are growing. If abortion is an illuminati plot, they better pick up the pace.

You bible-thumpers would do well to take a lesson from Barry Goldwater, one of the last true conservatives in this country, who actually took seriously the conservative notion that government should interfere with you and your family as little as possible. While personally opposed to abortion, Goldwater understood that forming the Abortion Police, armed and ready to force women, literally if necessary, to give birth to children they can't provide for, was not the place of government. It seems entirely lost on most "conservatives" that the truly conservative perspective is pro-choice, as one of the pillars of true conservatism is minimization of the necessary evil of central government.

All 500,000 of those orphans are available for adoption, by the way. I'm talking to you, Alex Jones. Take some of your parents' money, which you used to bolster your career, and use it to save a couple of these poor children, whose suffering, through your ideology, you've helped to create.

Another delusion the bible thumping portion of the truth movement suffer from is the belief that women's reproductive freedom, and even woman's suffrage as a whole, are illuminati plots to destroy the family. This is where a firm understanding of the sociopathy of the elite comes in handy. Every single endeavor of the international banking elite is a double edged sword, in that there is the usual damage done to our health, dignity, wallets and sovereignty, but along with it comes the unintended consequences of, and reactions to, their actions. Even a chess move as directly murderous and surgical as 9/11 has had the effect of a mass awakening, which I assure you, is both unexpected and very troublesome for the ruling class.

The point is that there is no such thing as a one sided act of aggression from them. They can make chess moves, and perform shock tests, but there are rules to the game, even when you play on their level. So the likelihood of the hidden hand having its fingers dug into women's suffrage and women's liberation does not mean that they will not ultimately prove to be a step toward progress and a victory for free humanity. Just like the C.I.A's flooding of the "hippie" movement with drugs has no bearing on one's God given right to consume what they choose.

The real reason this issue (which belongs in the family and not in the courtroom)has been thrust upon us is because like gay marriage it has the capability to divide us before we can realize our common ground. Listen to me now, holy rollers: Our opinions on reproductive rights will not matter when we're sitting next to one another in a FEMA camp. Neither will our opinions on gay rights or separation of church and state. Let's address the looming threat of the New World Order before we play into their hands by failing to prioritize our concerns.

The concept of opposing abortion through legislation has been nothing but a trick played on the religious community. The truth is that if you want to end abortions, you must work to strengthen your community and spread your ideals, not through force as you've historically become addicted to doing, but through a strong and healthy community that will attract outsiders into your belief system, not draw them in through court ruling. Bear in mind, Christians, your book says to be fruitful and multiply, not be fruitless and multiply to the point of overflowing orphanages.

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