Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Gibroney Hunter VS Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a peculiar issue. Peculiar to the United
States in the size and scope to which the problem has intentionally
been allowed to grow. Immigration is an issue faced by every
developed nation, and often it's a source of tension and state
sponsored racism throughout a society. Illegal immigration on a
massive scale, however, is a problem faced only by the United States.

To be sure, the problem is faced by other nations. Germany, for
example, has a population of over one million illegal immigrants from
Africa. But with an estimated 20 million illegal immigrants, the U.S
clearly faces a unique problem.

Especially frustrating is the fact that we, like every other sovereign
nation of the world, do indeed have adequate laws in place to deal
with this issue before it would have reached the point of being
critical. They're just not enforced. Federal attempts to secure our
borders from trespassers amount to little more than theater, and law
enforcement actions
that would truly be effective as a deterrent, like
the prosecution of the employers, is seldom seen.

This defies logic. The employers are the ones with something to
lose. The employers are the ones with assets to be seized, and
businesses to keep running. They're the ones for whom a court date
would be a real problem. For the people who just risked starvation or
worse, just to get here, the prospect of waiting around in jail while
being processed through the system is far from a worst case scenario.

Indeed, it would seem that with every aspect of this issue there can
be found a common and disturbing theme, that of intentionally
avoiding, delaying, and generally thwarting every attempt to
effectively and sanely address it. Victims of the "right" of the false
left-right paradigm find themselves behaving like absolute children,
building a jury rigged wall along a tiny portion of our unchecked
southern border. And victims of the left side of the same scam find
themselves in the intellectually embarrassing position of suggesting
that we dump tens of millions of slave laborers into an already dying
economy, a socioeconomic chess move that anyone who's taken high
school economics should be able to recognize as foolish.

So no one's bringing anything but shit to the table. One of the few
things about this issue that is crystal clear to me is the fact that
none of the manipulative people and organizations involved in putting
forward such ludicrous and brain dead responses to this problem are in
the least bit interested in seeing it resolved.

One of the common claims by the people who are anti-border is that
illegal immigrants only take jobs Americans don't want. This
statement is only half true. Americans don't want to perform these
tasks for the pay being offered, that is true. But it's simply
preposterous to refer to these "opportunities" as jobs. Call them
what they are. Slave labor. If it is the contention of zombies on
the left that Americans are unwilling to become slaves, then they are
correct. It is a chilling glimpse at the perverse mindset of many who
would put forward the belief that not wanting to live like a brutally
overworked peasant, and the desire to have a dignified and healthy
standard of living, somehow makes Americans arrogant or lazy. Quite
the opposite is true. It is precisely this stubborn and proud refusal
to be reduced to what we were before the revolution that makes this
country, still, even in this dark hour, the world's last best hope for
true freedom.

( be continued)

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