Monday, July 12, 2010

Terri Gross is part of the problem.

Tell me, Terri Gross, what am I supposed to be afraid of today? Is it Iran? McTerrorists? Or maybe the militia, or those crazy conspiracy theorists who want to murder me? I'm sure you know.. after all, your voice.. it's your voice.. It's just so soothing to my deprived, subdued ego.. I need to believe, Terri..... I need to believe that you and those like you are holding things together..

Suck me in with the good natured discussions with actors.. talk about their philosophies toward the art of acting, and entertainment.. then tomorrow have the hatemonger author on who tells me why I should hate Iran, or other strangers that have never wronged me. That doesn't make you part of the problem, or anything. It's not as if in certain ways, you're exponentially worse than your louder friends over at Fox News. You are such a piece of crap, Terri. There's a reason God cursed you with such a hideous physical form, buck teeth and glasses and all.. because inside, that's what you look like. A gangly, fawning sycophant who couldn't possibly conceive of the concept of breaching the script, or stopping the Satanic mind-fuck that you perpetrate on people every day on NPR. Can't believe I fell for you for so many years. What a whore you are.

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