Sunday, April 12, 2009

Police Should Stop Trolling Our Streets

I want to suggest a new way for the police to conduct business in our country, because clearly, the current system isn't serving anyone's interest, not the people or the police. No one in their right mind would argue against the fact that police are a necessary part of society, but let's be clear. Police do not stop crime. They respond to it and sometimes prevent it, but certainly don't stop it, except in the rarest instances. Essentially it would require an officer on every corner to do this, and there isn't the funding or public desire for such an environment.

Unfortunately there seem to be two basic results of officers patrolling our streets constantly. First, they help to pirate funds for local governments and take food out of the mouths of hard working Americans every time they park their cruisers in the bushes, lying in wait with their radar guns, hoping for someone going 8 miles over the speed limit. Secondly, and more importantly, the police have been essentially turned into foot soldiers for the phony drug war, making wrongful arrests in its name every day.

People stuck inside the box might ask if I approve of giving armed criminals carte blanche to roam around unchecked, selling lethal substances to school children. The answer, of course, is no, but that type of question is retarded to begin with. It's based on the ignorant assumption that criminality and drug use are inevitably married to one another. But America's failed War on Alcohol in the 1920's clearly illustrates that this is false. As soon as it became illegal criminals moved in to fill that void, and as should have been expected, a thriving black market emerged. Then it became legal again, and all those criminals who seemed so inseperably involved with alcohol were gone, pursuing better opportunities elsewhere.

The lesson to be learned here is obvious, but unfortunately this same scenario has been playing out again on a much larger scale with the war on drugs. This black hole of funding and fascism is in reality just one more racket of the New World Order. The scam is pretty simple. The C.I.A supplies the nation with coke and crack, and then sits back and waits for poor people to fall victim to the system's drug laws and sent to privately owned prison camps.

Every nation that has ever existed has contained an element of both drug use and drug abuse. The embarrassing truth is that we are the only nation that has felt the need to wage a full scale war, complete with attack dogs and helicopters, against this unavoidable fact of life. I'm not suggesting that government has no role to play in managing the problem of drug abuse. It's the police and prisons, specifically, that should not be involved in the matter.

It's quite possible to envision a system in which officers are stationed at a headquarters, and however many satellite stations are deemed necessary for an area, and remain there until needed in response to an emergency. More than likely, this would actually increase efficiency and response time compared to blind patrolling, because it would streamline the lines of communication. But as long as there's a tyrannical drug war, this will remain just another American pipe dream.

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