Thursday, April 23, 2009

Federal Agents Are Bitter, Defeated Souls

Some Gibroney: I agree with that, but what if they had reason to believe that something was going to happenand they told everyone, once they were all there, it would be chaos. They might not have had any intel, but either way, they can't tell you what they are doing because you might be the one they are there to stop. It's only common sense. Why don't you guys go screw with the security guards at schools or grocery stores and ask them what they ae doing and see if you get any different of an answer

Some Gibroney: (in response to some other gibroney) You're right, they probably would have if it were that serious. I don't have any clue what they were doing there, maybe just a visual deterant. Who knows? But either way, they are not going to tell you because what if you are there to do harm or do research to do harm at a later date?

The Gibroney Hunter: Actually, government shills like this are usually given a cover story, at least, to regurgitate to any press that may be present. Perhaps this dude caught them by surprise and they weren't expecting any journalists to be aware of the event. People generally would not tolerate this sort of behavior from police, and they shouldn't tolerate it from spineless federal trash like that. Security guards at schools aren't Federal agents, you goddam nitwit. The New World Order feeds off idiots like you not making this distinction. You seem to be envisioning some Hollywood bullshit scenario in which these brave feds are there to catch some terrorists red handed. As if dozens of them in uniform wouldn't tip the Muslims off to their presence. When there is a bomb scare the first thing they do is evacuate. That's common knowledge. Your 'not wanting to cause panic' argument is stupid

Some Gibroney: No we are not. We are told to NOT TALK TO THE PRESS FOR ANY REASON, we are instructed to get a name and number and pass that info to our PR department. Maybe you should do your homework before you talk your crap.

The Gibroney Huner: Pigs are required to identify themselves to civilians. If not necessarily by card, then by badge number. Do YOUR homework before spreading your childish propaganda. You talk like you're some kind of expert on mass hysteria, but you and I both know that a shill like you will defend your criminal government/employer to the very end. Why is it so difficult for you to simply admit that the behavior of those federal employees was quite peculiar and just move on from there. No one's saying there's some massive conspiracy here to uncover, just that federal workers are generally much more arrogant and abusive than local and state police. Again, on average.

Also, a great way to cause mass hysteria would be to station the TSA at a public location and offer no explanation to the media whatsoever, thereby leaving the door wide open for rumor spreading and gossip on perhaps less reliable media outlets. Wouldn't it have made more sense to simply lie to the guy, rather than zip your lips shut and let him assume the worst? It would've been as simple as this: "Sir, this is a routine safety precaution, I really don't have much more information than that but i can direct you... " See? Mission accomplished. In fact, this is the squirrely way in which the Federal government would usually handle this sort of situation, judging by news reports. Countless times I've heard an initial explanation, immediately contradicted by a more detailed later explanation of an event. So this would not be unprecedented. There ya go. "mass hysteria" argument destroyed.

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