Friday, April 17, 2009

Gibroney Of The Week: Geneane Garofalo

"this is about racism" Fuck you, Geneane Garofalo. Your hateful stereotyping only serves to make you look like the absolute clown you are. You're a hatemongering, menstrual hollywood reject. This is about globalization and the hijacking of our economy by international bankers. You apparently have nothing to say regarding those issues, only all-too-easy-to-grasp social issues that are just irresistible to you grumpy liberal activist retards. I've not heard anyone seriously involved in these protests bring up the issue of race AT ALL. You're a fucking liar. You're an ugly old fucking liar. Eat shit. A nitwit like you would probably still be crying about her false interpretation of the right wing while you're being hustled off to a FEMA camp. If you're half as smart as you've pretended to be for the past twenty years, then hurry up and outgrow your pathetic attachment to the left-right paradigm. You're becoming irrelevant at light speed.

She talks alot about people being uneducated, which of course is always true when you're talking about Americans. But she's the one who seems utterly clueless about current events, and the Obama administration's blatant continuation of the efforts of the Bush administration. In his first week in office, this creep ensured the continuance of a policy of brutal torture, and added to the amount of troops being sent to Afghanistan. The anti-war candidate wasted no time in ramping up our imperial war in the desert. But Garofalo is more interested in quizing people on 18th century politics than addressing the abuses to our country that are taking place HERE and NOW. No one should listen to her.


  1. just, wow. holy shit. i can't even comment. what a toolbox.

  2. Yeah.. Gives ya that sick feeling, deep down inside.