Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anarchists: STAY HOME

Just another group of scenesters. Without your matching black uniforms and consistently earned reputation for vandalism and petty violence, the police would have a much harder time justifying their bloated crowd-control budgets to the public. You're all so caught up in the idea of yourselves that you've been far too slow to realize just how often and how deeply your 'organizations' have been infiltrated and commandeered by the very state that you march against. Simply put, if you get two anarchists in a room together, there's a pretty good chance one of them's a cop.

This is the point at which you abandon a movement. When it becomes overrun to the extent of accomplishing exactly the opposite of the goals for which it was chartered. When your meaningless little stageplay serves only the police state, as it is played out on their terms, you're provoked on their terms, and finally arrested on their terms. And in the end no one's mind is changed. No one's understanding is broadened. No real work has been done. I believe our founding fathers would be dismayed to see our freedom to assemble be reduced to street parades.

Yes, you should be able to assemble in Pittsburgh's streets and protest, and yes it's fucked that these monsters will actually employ sonic weaponry and gas grenades to prevent you from doing so. But here's the million dollar question. What's our best strategy of opposition to this tyrannical establishment? Street parades? Putting our cards on the table? Wearing our hearts on our sleeve? Or is it non-compliance, plain and simple? Non-compliance coupled with persistent efforts to disseminate the information that the mainstream media has hidden from the people. Now, non-compliance can take many forms, like eating fresh, local and organic foods, like they don't want you to.. never drinking their tap water, like they want you to.. never joining their military or police organizations, or mainstream political movements, never buying new vehicles, never buying new shoes or more clothing until truly necessary, canceling your cable, staying off prescription drugs, refusing vaccinations, voting 3rd party, etc..

Basically, there are only two things you can do. Improve your behavior, or try to encourage others to improve theirs. Cliche protests accomplish neither of these. Non-compliance and information dissemination accomplishes both. Turn on, tune in, drop out, Gibroneys. For real.

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