Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Gibroney Handled Swiftly

Here's a comment some gibroney left for this video, followed by my response.

Some Gibroney: while you are trying to figure out who did 9/11, or killed JFK, you're enduring another day of being nickled and dimmed by the Rich & Power and their stooges in government - and you aren't doing a thing about it, you're not even aware of it because you are distracted with nonsense.

The Gibroney Hunter: And while you're busy giving Chomsky 29.95 for each of his crappy books, nothing at all changes. You pathetic armchair liberals and intellectual masturbators have had fifty years of being a fixture of the establishment to make a difference. And what have you accomplished? Jack shit. Except to create the spineless liar that used to be Noam Chomsky that we see here.

It's amazing that people like you are so quick to point out their mistrust of the establishment, yet when you attempt to utilize that mistrust while considering the issue of 9/11, suddenly you're labeled a conspiracy theorist. Apparently the mainstream left has no problem distrusting the government regarding torture, WMDs, rationales for starting wars, prior knowledge of the attacks, and pretty much any area of the subject of 9/11 EXCEPT the possibility of it being an inside job. This is irrational behavior. When someone demonstrates their capacity to deceive you time and time again, the smart thing to do is take every thing they say with a grain of salt. INCLUDING THE OFFICIAL STORY OF 9/11.

Regardless of whether or not you believe it was an inside job, EVERYONE should be in agreement that a new and honest investigation is in order. After all, our nation spent more money trying to find out how many times Clinton got his dick sucked, than it did trying to determine who was responsible for the largest mass murder to take place on this continent in modern history.

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