Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Response To Jason Burmas' attack on "No-Planers"

My comments directed toward Jason Burmas and Alex Jones, originally posted on youtube:

It seems clear to me that the towers were hit by aircraft. However, Jason Burmas' belligerent tone and mockery isn't helping anyone. The 'nose-out' footage is very compelling indeed, and the long list of inconsistencies and suspicious anomalies within the footage does seem to indicate that the public video record of 9/11 has been manipulated and filtered by the establishment. This includes amateur films, as they have all been confiscated and possibly tampered with by the Central Intelligence Agency before being released publicly.

I'm not a 'no-planer' but I find the in-fighting to be very self-defeating. It should be clear to Burmas that the clowns in that picture are not real no-planers, but rather a couple of half assed operatives, probably meant to incite precisely this type of in-fighting. Jones and Burmas are playing into the establishment's hands by trash talking, and pretending that there's no credible evidence behind 'no-plane' theory.

Also, it's important to note that the vast majority of no planers do not argue the point that no aircraft hit the buildings, but rather present evidence that whatever did hit, it was not a hijacked American Airlines flight. Also very suspicious (regardless of which side of the plane issue you are on) is the peculiarly small amount of home video recordings of the events. 36, last time i checked. Planes or not, one would expect perhaps thousands of independent video recordings of the events of 9/11. Very strange.

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  1. I hear you, and for a while I had my suspicions with regard to this issue myself. I definitely agree that infighting is a problem.

    Here's a couple of good sites that argue that planes did hit both towers and the Pentagon:

    http://frustratingfraud.blogspot.com/ (dedicated to Pentagon controversy)
    (they disagree with the Citizen Investigation Team)

    I hope that this infighting can come to an end and the criminals who did this can be exposed and prosecuted.