Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Gibroney Huntin'

Some Gibroney: OK, so answer the point if you would, why, if the elite powers of the world have conspired so deeply, with the stakes incredible power, and the ante 4,000 lives that has been planned since at least the first WTC attack, why aren't we winning the shit out of this war? What, we'll kill our own citizens but won't find Bin Laden because of Pakistan's sovereignty? My friend, it is you who needs to pull their head out of the sand, this conjecture doesn't add up. Not to mention winning the war itself.

The Gibroney Hunter: We won't find Bin Laden because he's a CIA asset. If this sounds far fetched to you, I would suggest doing a google search for "Sibel Edmonds". She's a former FBI translator who recently broke a federal gag order by revealing that the federal intelligence community was in constant contact with OBL right up to the day of 9/11. While it's true that the American people are not winning the war, the globalist elite surely are winning in Iraq, since their goal was never really to 'spread democracy' or even to 'stabilze' the region, but quite the opposite actually.

Their goals, many experts agree, are multifaceted. Control of the worlds energy resources, obviously (you don't need to be a 'conspiracy theorist' to grasp that one), to further balkanize the muslim world, as it is the world's largest source of opposition to globalization and power consolidation and also to usher in an environment of stricter control and monitoring of the populace here at home. Dead soldiers is not their concern.

Some Other Gibroney: What evidence would you cite for the North American Union?

The Gibroney Hunter: While plans for the North American Union are considered "theoretical" by the establishment, the very fact that they even have theoretical plans to economically tether Canada, the U.S, and Mexico, should be worrisome to every advocate of national sovereignty and supporter of the U.S constitution. I would suggest reading about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) which was founded in 2005. Also, Lou Dobbs occasionally makes mention of the plans for a NAU on his CNN show.

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